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By now, most people are familiar with intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy as a way to replenish the body’s nutrient stores or provide therapeutic concentrations of targeted nutrients into the bloodstream where it can easily reach the cells. 

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in specifically Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) IVs due to their potential to help both with mitochondrial function as well as prevent withdrawal symptoms during addiction recovery. The mitochondria are the energy powerhouses found in every cell of our body. With improved functioning provided by the NAD, this results in improved performance throughout the body. In essence, NAD promotes healing and enhanced bodily function at a cellular level resulting in improved cognition and mood, increased energy, and improvement to overall well-being.

Low dose NAD IV therapy involves dripping between 100-500mg of NAD in a single session over 1-5 hours. Low dose NAD is typically used to enhance mitochondrial function and improve energy. It is recommended to have a vitamin-mineral-amino acid IV with glutathione prior to the NAD to provide the cofactors needed for optimal mitochondrial function. 

How often should I get NAD IVs

The frequency of the infusions are customized to the individual and their primary concerns. Typical dosing would be a series of 3-7 IVs done daily or every other day to quickly boost up the body’s NAD stores. As maintenance treatment, some people may only need NAD treatment a couple times a year.

How much do NAD IVs cost?

Nectar Naturopathic charges between $150-$250 for each NAD IV (for 100-500mg of NAD). If you would like a mixed nutrient IV bag prior to the NAD therapy to enhance the effect, the cost for the combined treatment would be $250-$350 per session.

Please note that at this time, Dr. Hartman, ND is the only doctor at Nectar Naturopathic Clinic who offers NAD IV therapy.

Dr. Nicole Hartman

About Dr. Nicole Hartman

Dr. Nicole Hartman is a naturopathic physician, a world traveler, a hiker, and a blogger. She focuses her practice in digestion, women's health and weight loss and takes an integrative, evidence-based approach to healthcare.